Coconut oil face mask

  It’s that time again, where I get bored with my beauty routine and smear random grocery items on my head!  Today’s random goo is: Coconut oil!

  I’ve been seeing at-home beauty treatments with this stuff popping up left and right, so I thought it was about time I got some of my own and tried it out.  A peanut butter jar sized container ran me around $8, so it’s not incredibly cheap, but, remembering it can be used on skin, hair, or for cooking, I decided it was at least worth trying out.
  If you’re looking at the picture up there and thinking coconut oil looks a touch like Crisco, you’re right.  At room temperature, it’s ridiculously solid.  Solid to the point that sticking a butter knife in it yields unhappy little chunks, instead of the cream I had expected.  Think, really cold butter in a jar.
  I submerged the jar in some hot water in a bowl and it very quickly turned to liquid on the bottom and softened on top.  I wound up putting far more coconut oil into my bowl than I needed for my face, but not having done this before, I wanted to be sure I had plenty.  Around a tablespoon will be more than enough for face and neck.  I mixed mine with a bit of honey, since I have the occasional acne (honey is antibacterial) and rubbed it on my face.
  After about 20 minutes, the heat of my skin had turned the oil entirely to liquid and it was running down my neck.  I wiped off the excess that was threatening to ruin my shirt with a wash cloth and massaged the reminder around for 2 or 3 minutes.  After that I wiped off my entire face and neck and called it good.
  I’m pretty sure this unclogged several of the pores that my olive oil and castor oil cleansing have been working on for the past two weeks, and my skin feels sinfully soft.  Of course, since I just tried this mask this morning, I can’t guarantee I won’t break out in hives by tomorrow afternoon, (if I do, I promise I will update everyone via Twitter and Facebook) but right now I’m considering this a victory.  My skin feels wonderful and I smell like a tropical vacation.
  What more can you want from rubbing random goo on your head?

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