This is a half-hearted apology.  There is no organizational tip this week, and I’m sorry for that.  Half-hearted because I’m exhausted and so entirely ready for this semester to be over, but I still have studying to do and an exam to take, so I can’t expend the energy to form a proper apology.

  Wait…here’s a tip I’ve found useful lately…don’t untie your head…you’ll lose it.  See!  Helping!
  I don’t want to leave you guys entirely without anything interesting today, so I thought I’d share some pictures.  I’m playing along with FatMumSlim’s picture a day challenge, and while I can’t say I’ve managed EVERY day, I’m probably averaging 5-6 days a week.
  Most of them seem to get done through Instagram.  The prompts are typically one word and fairly open to interpretation, so I find I get better results if I can think about it throughout my day, take a bunch of pictures as thoughts come to me and then pick which one I like the best later.  Obviously that sort of daydreaming photography is better suited to a cameraphone than an honest-to-god camera.
“Something you don’t like”
“What you’re listening to” 
“Before and After”
(Water in a river in town, before and after the bridge)
  If you want to take a bunch of pictures and play along, I’m submitting my photos to a FB group here.  Join in!  I’d love to see your pictures!

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