Forget beauty sleep, I need my beauty water

  My skin is finally starting to turn around.  I’ve been oil cleansing for 3 weeks now* and the breakouts seem to be stopping and the condition is improving.  The oil can’t be given all the credit though.
  One of the most important things I’ve found I can do for my skin is drinking enough water.  Sounds simple enough, right?  But I have a terrible time convincing myself to do it.
“Hey look!  It’s an ice cold glass of ‘I don’t want it’!”
  Supposedly the average human body is around 60% water, so it makes sense that you need to take in a lot of it to stay healthy.  I’m just belligerent though…and apparently think I’m a camel who can go without, so I have to trick myself into drinking the appropriate amount.
  Recently some research has been done that suggests that the 8 cups a day measure isn’t quite right.  The amount you need to take in varies depending on your height, weight, activity level, how much water you’re getting from fresh fruits and vegetables and probably what color socks you’re wearing too.  Since I’m not looking for an exact measure, and figure a few extra ounces won’t hurt me, I’m sticking with a minimum of 64.
  The first, and easiest method I use to get myself to drink more water is to use a big bottle.  I’m lazy enough about drinking my water as it is, but if I have to interrupt what I’m doing to keep refilling my glass, it isn’t going to happen.  I have a 32 oz bottle that I keep filled and try to carry with me around the house.  I fill it once in the morning and once in the evening, and so long as it’s empty by the end of the night, I know I’ve gotten my 64 ounces.
  The other main way I increase my water intake is by diluting everything I drink.  Yes, your juice or tea or coffee counts as adding water to your body, but, the more other stuff you put into it, the harder your system has to work to process it.  Cutting juice with water means less sugar (and fewer calories if you’re trying to lose weight) in your system, and if you start slowly, you’ll never notice the difference.  I actually have a hard time drinking full strength juice anymore!  If you’re a pop junkie, you can water that too.  Use soda water and it won’t make it flat.  Wouldn’t you rather have a brownie than drink that sugar anyhow?
  It isn’t exciting drinking plain water, but it is incredible how much of a health and beauty difference getting enough water can make.  Get yourself a giant mug, a big bottle, or water down your beverage of choice, just do what you have to to make sure you’re drinking your 8 cups!
*I’m making some changes to how I’m doing the oil cleansing and trying an experiment.  Swing by the Facebook page to see what I’m doing!

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