How to create a lettuce leaf hem on a serger

  Lettuce leaf hems are a incredibly easy way to add a touch of frill to a garment.  Or a lot of frill if you’d rather:
  This is the first wedding dress I ever made.  I made it before I had a serger.  I apologize for the picture, I also made it before I had a clue what I was doing when it came to photography.  I did all of those lettuce edged petals by hand.  I would NOT recommend it.
  If you guys really want the low down on how to do it without a serger, I can walk you through it, but it involves a lot of pinning, ironing and swearing.  You’ve been warned.
  The serger version on the other hand is quick and easy.  All you do is cut your fabric on the bias (your diagonal cut across the fabric should be the edge you want to lettuce) and run it through your serger on the “rolled hem” setting.
  Obviously sheer fabrics are the typical choice for this treatment, but it even works to some extent on quilting cotton.
  This is a wonderful treatment for swingy skirts or shirt sleeves, and I’m yet to find a faster hem!

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