Honey-glazed Swordfish

  We all know we ought to be eating more fish.  It has healthy omegas, good fats and god knows what other magical properties.  But, that being said, I don’t know too many people who find it easy to get as much seafood into their diet as they’d like.  That makes finding a good recipe for fish kind of like hitting the dietary jackpot.
  I thought I’d share one of my favorites, so here is what we’re making today:
  This recipe is from the cookbook Healing Foods.  It’s not exactly a best seller, so you can pick up a copy from Amazon for incredibly cheaply.  Like, under $5 including shipping cheaply.
  I’m not going to lie, it’s a little hokey, but there are several really delicious recipes in it.  This recipe is my modification of the book’s honey-glazed salmon.
  Here’s what you need:
2 approximately 5 ounce fillets of fish (I used swordfish this time)
1 garlic clove, chopped
2 Tbsp runny honey (normal honey, warmed til runny)
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp olive oil
  Mix together the marinade.  Place fish in a shallow dish and pour marinade over top.  Turn to cover the fish completely and marinate in the fridge for at least an hour, turning once.  I usually line the dish I’m using in tinfoil so that I have fewer dishes when I’m finished.
  Preheat your broiler to high.  Line a broiler pan with tin foil (seriously, it’s not an option for this part, unless you want to use a sandblaster on your pan when you’re done) and place your fish on top.  Brush your fish with a little marinade and broil for 3 minutes on each side, or until it’s just cooked, but still pink in the center.
  Place your remaining marinade in a small pan and heat until thickened and reduced (a few minutes).  Spoon the marinade over the fish and enjoy.
  If you do this right, you wind up with a really delicious, healthy meal, and essentially no dishes.  You can’t beat that, right?  Plus, if any of this survives to be leftovers, it tastes just as good (possibly better) the next day.  We had half a filet of this left that I had planned on eating for my lunch, but I only got a bite of it because G decided that, sorry Mama, that’s MY lunch!
  If any of you are sushi fans, the flavor of this reminds me of eel rolls with sweet sauce.  It’s not as thick, or as sweet, but it’s the same type of combination.  We’ve used this marinade on lots of different large fish fillets and it’s always delicious.  Keep an eye out for sales on seafood in your area and try it out!

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