Hoarding Glass Jars

  Yes, you are in the right place, and no, I haven’t totally lost my ambition to pare our possessions down.  I still want the things that take up space in our home to be both useful and beautiful, and if they aren’t, for them to be removed.  What I’ve recognized as I’ve discarded more and more though, is that the truly desirable items are the ones that I can use in a dozen ways.  Glass jars are that type of item.

  When you start to realize that you have a surplus of ways to replace items you think you can’t part with, it suddenly becomes much easier to get rid of them, or stop buying more.
  Chances are, you already have quite a few glass jars in your house.  They may be full of applesauce, spaghetti sauce or juice at the moment, but this is an item you don’t have to spend any extra money to bring into your life and can be used in a ridiculous number of ways.
  Jars as vases are one of the most obvious uses, but here are a few of the other ways I use them:
  Pencil organizer
  My desk organizer is a utensil holder from Ikea with a glass jar nested inside of it.  Pens and pencils go in the jar and scissors go outside of it.  It keeps everything neat and organized and my pens don’t fall over in the large space.
  Corralling sewing notions
  With all the sewing I do, I have buttons, zippers, lace and velcro coming out of my ears.  I use glass jars to keep my various fasteners and trimmings organized.  Baby food jars are the perfect size for storing grommet sets.  This application also works exceptionally well in garages and workshops for nails, washers, zip-ties and screws.
  Tupperware stand-in
  Sometimes leftovers are something you know you will be keeping for a while before you use them again.  Things like olives, that you haven’t used an entire can of, will fit perfectly with their juice into an empty jam jar.  Bigger jars work as a more spill-proof way to keep liquidy foods, like leftover soup.  Sometimes you’re just already using all your tupperware and have something more to store (holidays and parties, I’m lookin at you), glass jars are a good temporary stand in.
  Motivation to drink more water
  I said the other day that to get myself to drink more water, I use a 32 ounce water bottle.  I didn’t go out and buy a big water bottle, I simply washed out an old juice bottle and refill it.
  Containing homemade beauty products
  Finding a storage container is one of the challenges of making your own beauty products.  Since it goes in the shower, I don’t suggest using glass for your homemade shampoo (soap & water + glass = slippery bottle = possible broken glass disaster) but it would be a great solution for an oil cleansing mix.
  Storing loose change
  Please don’t tell me my Mr. is the only one who comes home with 3 lbs of coins in their pockets every night.  I simply won’t believe you.  I have 4 different glass jars that the coins get sorted into and when I’m heading somewhere I know I’ll be using a parking meter, I can easily grab a stack of quarters.
  Outdoor lantern
  Simply place a candle in the bottom and the jar will protect the flame from the wind.
  When a single glass jar can do all these things, it seems a little silly to keep a bunch of things I might use for these purposes around, doesn’t it?  And because of their nature (regularly coming into your house anyways) you don’t really need to even keep many glass jars around.  …so are you sure you want to keep dusting that lantern/vase/tupperware?

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