Making Secret Lampshade Images

  Today’s project is a great one for making lampshades (especially in children’s rooms) extra special.  Most kids have something that they’re just crazy about.  Animals, trucks, dinosaurs, unicorns.  You don’t necessarily want to have them plastered everywhere, but this project will let your little ones have their favorite thing show up in their lamp at bedtime without changing your decor during the day.

  Here’s what we’re making:
  Here’s what you need:
Cardstock or thick paper
Tape or glue
  I picked jungle animals for G because his room has a loose zoo theme.  Also because it makes me giggle when he yells “Elle-E-fants!”.
  Pick your subject matter and do a google image search for it.  I found that searching for stencils made for the best images when you finish.  Keep in mind that you’re creating a silhouette, so things like facial details won’t show up.  Print the image onto your cardstock or hold it up to your monitor and trace.
  Carefully cut the image out.  This is where you need that patience.  Those little details are a pain to cut out, but they make a big difference in the final look.
  Once your image is cut out, glue or tape it to the inside of your lampshade.  When the lamp is on, the cardstock will block some of the light, creating a shadow you will be able to see on the outside but that will disappear when you turn the light off.  Plus, as your kids interests change, you can always change the shapes!

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