Cinch waist dress, take two

  So while you guys have been learning about how to use store bought patterns for the last three weeks, I’ve been sewing on a pattern I made that you’ve already seen.  I even tried to recreate the pose so that you could see just how much a change in fabric type (and color) effects the end product.  
  I look grouchy.
  I love how my light blue version turned out, but to be honest, I feel a whole lot more comfortable in black.  That blue one is just asking for me to spill something on it.  It’s awesome for grad parties and the like, but I’ll actually feel comfortable wearing the dark version to the park with G.
  I had this lightweight cotton and I knew it would be gorgeous in this pattern.  Sewing types, notice how much drapey-er this version is.  The blue version is like a thick button-down shirt material.  This is almost like a t-shirt it’s so light and soft.  That means it pleats and folds in a lot of smaller places than the blue dress.  Take a look at the ruffle at the neck for a good example of what I mean.
  So speaking of G, do I have the cutest photography assistant ever, or what?  Poor critter has a nasty rash that has torn through our playgroup like wildfire, but he still happily posed against the wall for me to focus the camera’s timer and then ran out of the way when I said “Go!”.
  What a trooper!

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