New oil cleansing method-Spicing it up with Thyme

  That’s right, I’m marinading myself in something new.

  It’s been a little over a month since I put this post up on the Facebook page:
…and I’ve been using the coconut oil mask ingredients with the oil cleansing method ever since.  I can’t say I’ve run into any of the issues that people have expressed concerns about with breaking out.  I’ve had my usual hormone related problems, but no massive “why are you smothering me in coconut goo?” freak outs.
  Thing is, I am still having the hormonal breakouts, and frankly, coconut oil is really heavy.  That’s fine and dandy in the winter, but with summer arriving and the heat only likely to get higher, I wanted to switch to something a little less like a moisture sweater on my face.
  So off G and I went to the local Whole Foods and grabbed some thyme essential oil.
  …okay, that’s not entirely true.  First I told myself I was going to use some of our massively out of control, home grown thyme to infuse my oil.  I ground it up into my bottle, poured my grapeseed oil on top and got ready for a month of shaking it each day.
  I got bored after a day and a half.  Then we went to Whole Foods.
  Equipped with the bottle, we came home and I promptly dabbed some on my face.  Holy potatoes folks, DON’T DO THAT.  When I told my best friend that I had nearly acid burned my face off with an herbal substance her comment was “Erin!  There are warnings on the bottle that say not to do that!!”  You know what?  There are.  But there are the same warnings on lavender essential oil and I’ve been using that as a spot treatment for years.  Besides, I’m stupid adventurous, so I was never going to believe science until I tried it myself.  …I believe it now.
  So that lesson being learned, I diluted it (a LOT) in grapeseed oil and have been using that as my oil cleanser.  The jury, of course, is still out since I haven’t even been using this for quite a week now, but so far I’m impressed.  The breakouts I did have are already dried up and healing and this seems to have even cleared out my pores more.  Grapeseed oil is an incredibly lightweight oil that I had actually used as my moisturizer towards the end of the first time I tried the oil cleansing method, so it absorbs very easily.  No waiting for 3 hours before you can put your sunscreen on for the day!
  The proportion of grapeseed oil to thyme oil I’m using is pretty high on the grapeseed side.  Like, 3-4 Tablespoons of grapeseed to 3-4 drops of thyme.
  If you want to try this out yourself, start small.  The idea is that the essential oil will kill off the bacteria and then your skin will heal itself.  As tempting as I seem to find it, scorched earth is not the approach we want to take here.
  If you have any questions or comments about what I’m doing, as always, please leave a comment or swing on by the Facebook page and say hi.  I love hearing from you guys!!

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