Quick post today because I have lots of manual labor ahead of me.  We replaced the fridge and it has spurred on further improvement in the kitchen.  I’ve disliked the color in there since the day we moved in, but since until recently I wasn’t really even in the kitchen, I let it go.

  I’m over that.  It’s time to paint.  Here’s what the kitchen looks like now:
Orange creamcicle EVERYWHERE!
  I’m pretty sure that part of the problem (that doesn’t actually show up very well in this picture) is the pink.  …being an old house, at one point the entire place was painted pink.  We found the same thing in our first house too.  ENOUGH with the pink people!  This is not Barbie’s dream mansion!
  Anyhow, the pink shows through the orange a touch, making it just the wrong amount of sickly sweet and I find myself physically aggravated if I’m in there for too long at night (the artificial light makes the paint look far worse than sunlight does).  We don’t want any of that coming through our new color, so the idea is to prime first.
  This wall is getting painted first.  It’s the smallest wall in the room that still gets natural light and we want to make sure that we like the color before we entirely commit to it.
  I want the reveal to be a surprise, so I’m not telling what color we’re going with.  You’ll just have to wait and see!

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