How to Secure a Polo Button that Pops Open

  Tuesday night I went through all of my warm weather shirts in the hopes of getting rid of some of the less flattering ones.  I’m a touch of a hoarder with my clothing, so I have to force myself to regularly assess my closet to keep from being drowned in piles of fabric.  Sewing new pieces all the time doesn’t help either.
  A lot of tops got tossed into my “to donate” pile, but I found that I had a several polos that, even though they were darling on (cute fit, great colors), I didn’t ever wear.  Lots of women struggle with finding buttoning shirts that button in the right place across their bust, but that wasn’t the problem either.  The problem was that the button didn’t stay buttoned.  Every time I put a seat belt on, every time I threw a bag over my shoulder, definitely every time I picked up G, the button would pop and I’d find myself flashing my bra at the world.
  Not really the makings of a “favorite top”.
  Luckily, it’s an easy fix.  If you have a shirt with a button that has this problem, grab a needle and a thread that matches your shirt and we’ll fix it!
  This method should work for button down shirts as well as polos, since we’re going to be securing the button hole at the widest part of your bust, but try safety pinning it just to make sure you’ll still be able to get the top on.
  Start by determining which button sits even with the largest part of your bust.  Use the knot free method to attach your thread to the back of that button hole.  You aren’t going to be sewing the two parts of the shirt together, we’re simply making the button hole itself smaller so the button is difficult (or impossible) to pull through.  On that note, make sure your button is already through the button hole!
  You should stitch back and forth across the button hole, pulling 1/3 to 1/2 of it shut.  This will let the button rotate normally, so you won’t get a weird pull between the two halves of the shirt like you would stitching them together, but it won’t let the button pop out.  Use the knot free method again to tie your thread off and you’re done.  If your button is looking a little shaky, re-enforce it (the right way) and you’re ready to enjoy your shirt, over-exposure free!

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