How to Get Rid of the Pacifier

  I really didn’t want G to use a paci.  I held off and held off on giving him one (I knew that getting rid of it would be a nightmare), but when he started sucking on his fingers, his dental grandparents said it was a must (pacis are far easier to get rid of in the long run than fingers).  So here we are, G is 2-and-a -handful-of-months, and it’s time for it to go.
  Luckily, seeing this fight coming, we never really let G use his paci outside of his bed.  Once he turned one, it was a sleepy time thing only.  That being said, he’s really attached to it for sleeping.
  I’ve heard lots of great ideas for getting rid of it.
  •   Have your child put the paci in the mailbox and mail it to another baby who needs it.
  • Tie the paci to a balloon and have your child let it go.
  • Have the paci fairy/monster take the paci away and replace it with something else.
  Problem is, all of these options either assume that your child is at least somewhat willing to let their paci go or completely takes the decision out of their hands.  We had tried enticing G to give his up by telling him that if he slept without it for a week he could take the rail off of his crib (to convert it to a big boy bed), but the only response we got was sobs of “noooo!  I NEED it!” and after 3 days of our asking if he was sure he didn’t want to try for a big boy bed, he finally told me that no, he’d rather leave the rail on and keep his paci.  Back to the drawing board.
  Obviously at this point we had to find a way to make the paci less appealing.  I thought about smothering it in vegetables (as that would be a sure-fire way to make sure he refused to put it in his mouth) but cutting a chunk out of it seemed less messy.  We’d actually tried cutting a part of it off before this without success but this time I decided to take a pie shaped wedge out of the very front and then split the whole thing down the middle.  Works far better than cutting a hole off the bottom of the bulb.
  All the other pacis got tossed, so the only option is the “broken” one.  It seems to be working! Yes he struggles a little bit to sleep, but this approach lets him be the one to decide he doesn’t want the paci…and he has decided he doesn’t want it for several days now!  The paci is still there…we didn’t traumatize him by having it just vanish, but it doesn’t do what he wants it to anymore.  No tears, no drama…and best of all, no paci!

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