The Detroit Zoo

  Thursday, G, my mom, my brother and I all went to the zoo.  It was originally scheduled to be a trip that a couple of the moms from the moms’ group were going to come on with us, but as the predictions for the temperature climbed up above 95, everybody else dropped out.

  We still went because I’m cruel insane tough.  Also, I’d made the mistake of mentioning to my train-obsessed little boy that there was a train we could ride on at the zoo.  There wasn’t really the option of backing out.
  It was hot.  The official weather said the zoo hit 99 degrees while we were there.  Even the warm weather animals (like this kangaroo) were sticking to the shade and doing what they could to keep cool.
  Luckily there are lots of indoor exhibits so we were able to alternate between the animals outside and cooling down in the AC.
  Despite the heat, we had a wonderful time and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon.  I had taken G last spring, but several of the exhibits were under construction at the time.  They’ve done a lot since I was a kid!  I can’t wait to go back!

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