Patriotic Swing Shirt

  OH it’s hot.  Yes, yes, I know it’s summer.  I know it gets hot in the summer.  But it does not get this hot, this long in Michigan in summer.

  …86 is usually pretty hot for us.  Right now it sounds blissful.  I don’t think it’s gotten cooler than 75 (even at night) in a good 2 weeks.  I’m kind of melting.
  When it’s hot like this, the last thing you want is your clothes clinging to you.  I have a few really loose, swingy tops that have been in heavy rotation and I decided I need more.  So I made this:
  As usual, I used my technique to draft a pattern from a shirt I already owned.  I had the fabric on hand and thought it would be just perfect for our 4th of July party.  I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly this came together.  I’m half tempted to try a version in a woven fabric!
  What do you think?  Have you been breaking out your loose clothing to combat the heat too?

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