Harvesting Your Garlic

  Last month we took the only step you needed to do between planting and harvesting your garlic, now it’s time to bring that crop in!

  You can tell that your garlic is ready to be pulled up because the majority of the leaves will have turned brown.  Try to pull it up when you still have a few green leaves at the top.  If you leave it in the ground too long after all the leaves die there’s the chance your bulbs will split.
  You probably will be able to pull the garlic up from the ground by their stalks, but if your stalks break, use a garden tool to loosen the soil around them before pulling them.
  Spread your garlic out somewhere dry where it will get lots of sun and let it sun-dry for a few days.  
  Leaving it in the sun to dry causes the outer “paper” to peel away, getting rid of all the dirt and leaving you with a nice, bright white head of garlic.
  Next week we’ll talk about braiding your garlic, and something new to me…storing extras in oil!

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