The Pros and Cons of an Old House

  We have an old house.  It was built some time in the 1920s (I can’t recall the exact year) and has seen lots of changes in its time.  When it was first built, it was on acres and acres of land.  Most of the property that is on our road was part of the farm it was built for.  Our garage was originally a carriage house.  You get the picture.

  We love our old house, but just like you can love family members and still want to choke them on occasion, old houses have their quirks too.
  So without further ado, the pros and cons of an old house.
Pro: Old houses have character.
Con: Character comes with lead paint and old wiring.
Pro:  Years of previous owners up the chances somebody was a gardener and you’ll have wonderful landscaping.
Con:  Years of previous owners up the chances somebody was an idiot and you’ll have painted shut windows and all of your wiring on one circuit.
Pro:  Beautiful wood trim that would break the budget if you built a house today.
Con:  Beautiful wooden windows… that require jimmying and praying to several different gods to open.
Pro: Thick, elegantly shaped plaster walls.
Con:  At some point most of those walls were painted pink and sea foam blue.  That paint is still there, I promise.
Pro:  Solid wood doors with heavy, antique door handles.
Con:  Solid wood doors that don’t latch, close or lock.
Pro:  Big, gorgeous trees on your property.
Con:  Bats…that won’t stay in the big, gorgeous trees because they prefer your attic.
Pro:  All that history.
Con:  Much higher likelihood of your house’s history involving heinous murders or haunted Indian burial grounds.

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