How to Inexpensively Store Outgrown Baby Clothing

  Babies grow like weeds.  This is pretty common knowledge, but as a parent, it is still shocking when you realize that your teensie little baby is now wearing shirts that you could have squeezed into in high school.  (I’m not sayin it woulda been pretty, just that it could have happened).

  All that growing means that clothing doesn’t last very long before it’s too short, too tight, too small.  And if you’re planning on having more babies in the future, you probably don’t want to get rid of any of it…since those babies are just going to do the same crazy-growth dance and rip through wardrobe after wardrobe before you can so much as blink.
  But you can’t just leave it in your current baby’s dresser (unless they have a closet the size of which I seriously envy), so what’s a parent to do?
  Luckily, another baby necessity solves the problem pretty easily.  Diaper boxes are perfect for storing baby clothing.  The boxes start out small when your kiddo (and their clothing) is tiny and get larger as your child does…and unless your child potty trains really early, you’re liable to have dozens of them around.  I’ve stockpiled every box we’ve gotten just to be sure we have enough.
  I personally write G’s age when I start the box on the outside in sharpie (3 months, 6 months or 30 months for example) and then just keep it next to his dresser.  If something doesn’t fit when I put it on him, it gets tossed in and when it’s full, the whole box gets taped shut and sent to the attic for the time he eventually has a little brother or sister.
  Diaper boxes keep it all sorted (more or less) by size, out of the way…and best of all, I haven’t paid a dime for organizing supplies.  …now if I could only find a solution that easy for getting him to eat his broccoli…

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