I wanted today’s post to be a garden update…another batch of pretty flower pictures to go with the ones from a month ago.  By all rights there should be more flowers by now, but flowers need water, and all we’ve seen for nearly two months now has been this:

  Last summer we spent at least part of nearly every weekend hidden in our basement because of the storms that were ripping through our area.  It was, from all the information I’ve seen, the wettest year on record.
  Clearly we’re making up for that abundance of water this year by getting none.  We’ve had a few storms predicted…even watched a few pass us by without dropping more than a bucket’s worth of water to drench neighboring towns.
  We never got around to planting our vegetable garden this year…and frankly I’m kind of relieved.  I’m a pretty staunchly Darwinian gardener.  If it can’t survive MI weather, it probably doesn’t belong in my yard…but this summer I’ve had to soften on that stance a little to keep from losing all of my recently transplanted shrubs and flowers.
  The grass is dead.  Dead dead.
  I can only imagine if we had gotten vegetables in…our tomatoes would have stewed right on the vine.
  The only little patch of green we have (other than a handful of tenacious weeds) is the herb garden.  As you can see, it’s the local oasis for the bugs.
  I’m praying for a cool off soon.  We’re not used to temperatures this hot and this dry for so long and it’s wilting us as well as the plants.  It’s tough being creative when all you want to do is curl up in the fridge!

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