How I’m Dealing with Morning Sickness

  Not well!  …and that’s the end of the post folks!

  I’m kidding, I’m kidding!
  Morning sickness is really killing me this time around.  I had a little bit of it with G, but nothing like this.  Partly it’s harder to handle because I have G around (having a 2 and a half year old throw themselves violently and repeatedly into your lap isn’t the most nausea calming thing on earth), but partly it’s just worse this time.
  Good thing the second pregnancy is turning out to be the tough one or G may have just wound up an only child.
  Now, the info out there says that morning sickness is actually a good sign..that it means your hormones are doing what they’re supposed to and helping to make your baby be healthy…but as somebody who is currently dealing with morning sickness, I can’t help but suspect that’s just a line to keep first trimester-ers from killing everyone actually capable of comfortably eating around them.
  So we’re going to talk coping.  Things that help, even if they can’t completely cure it.

  This may be a little more my own personal weakness than the others, but I figure it’s worth mentioning in case it can help anybody else.  If I get hot, I get sick.  I’ve always been a little prone to nausea if I overheat, but it’s bad with the morning sickness.  I don’t like being cold, but I’ve found that if I can keep myself just slightly cooler than I like, it keeps the nausea pretty well at bay.  Too bad this has been one of the hottest summers ever, huh?  Ice packs are a god-send and cool baths are a great help when I can manage them.

  Lots and Lots of Small Meals

  This is one that G makes just about impossible for me.  When I was pregnant with him I worked in an office where I could keep a little stash of bland cereal or peanuts on my desk and munch throughout the day.  Keeping something in my stomach at all times helps keep me from getting really sick, but with his sticky little fingers around I have to just about set a timer to remind myself to eat regularly.  And then I have to make sure what I’m eating is fine for him to share (because as any mom will tell you, there is no food in the world as delicious as “whatever mom is eating”) and hope that we’re not so close to a meal that I’m going to be ruining his appetite.  This is a great trick if you can pull it off, but if you’re pregnant with anything but your first child…godspeed, I’m with you.

  Sour Juice (or Food)

  I don’t entirely understand why this works.  The theories I’ve seen have to do with sour flavors increasing saliva production.  I’m not up on my medical knowledge enough to see how a little more spit would convince my stomach to play nice instead of continuing to treat me like a particularly heinous war criminal it wants to punish…but for whatever reason, it works.  Grapefruit juice has been my sour poison-of-choice, but dill pickles are a classic pregnancy food for a reason.
  Motion Sickness Bands
  See those totally sexy sweatband lookin things in the picture above?  As much as I’d love to claim I’m starting a new craze for athletics related accessories, those are my SeaBands.  When the Mr. first brought them home for me I had great aspirations of finding some cool cuff bracelets to slap on top of them so I could wear them without looking quite so dorky…but now that I’ve had them for a few weeks they’ve become more of a “I seriously don’t feel good” thing as opposed to a constant-wear solution.  They do help, but if you wear them for too long at a time they start to hurt where the stud on them hits the pressure point.  I wore them for 3 days straight when I first got mine and finally had to take them off when I developed bruised little stigmata spots from the constant pressure.


  Ginger tea, ginger gum, ginger ale…you see this one touted all over the place.  I love ginger, and it did help me with the nausea when I was pregnant with G…but I can’t say that it’s done much for me this time.  I’m not going to turn down a can of Vernor’s if I have the choice, but I’m not going to count on it defusing a “I want to throw myself off a bridge I’m so nauseous” moment either.


  This was one I hadn’t heard of before, but has very quickly turned into my saving grace.  I was complaining to the Mr. that I really wanted a pan of brownies, but that I didn’t think the morning sickness would even let me keep them down when he sent me this recipe.  I figured a woman with that many children probably knew a thing or two about morning sickness, so beans it was!  I definitely see an improvement in how my stomach feels when I make sure to eat them…and on my worst nights (my nausea seems to peak at dinner time, lucky me) a bowl or two of refried beans with cheese and hot sauce not only doesn’t make me sicker, it actually helps me feel better.

  These are just the things I’ve found that help me.  There are other ideas out there and different things work differently depending on the mother (and the pregnancy!).  Just keep trying stuff, hang in there, and remember it’s not a permanent condition!


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