How to Fall Incredibly Behind

  Tomorrow, before dawn, G and I will be leaving for the airport.  I will be taking my camera, and I will ostensibly be taking luggage.  As of this moment, I haven’t packed anything.  Not that I’ve been slacking off!

  As of Sunday morning, this room was our guest bedroom.  It had a 4-post bed, a smaller dresser and some bedside tables.  This picture was taken Sunday evening.  This is about half of what has to fit in this room.
  Why, oh why on earth would I choose to do a huge project like relocating our office to our former guest bedroom a day and a half before getting on a plane?  Well, you see, the room that was formerly our office is going to become G’s bedroom, and the floors need to be refinished…which is a project my Mr. hoped to get done while the small child and the pregnant lady wouldn’t be home to be exposed to the fumes.  He can’t very well refinish floors that are covered in furniture.
  So why didn’t I move it sooner?  Well, I agreed to put together a tutorial of my Patriotic Swing Shirt for Sew Mama Sew! that will be posted this month, and I needed to finish it before I could relocate my sewing stuff.  That wouldn’t have been a problem, except since I develop a nasty case of narcolepsy when I’m pregnant, I kept falling asleep every time G went down for his nap and not getting it finished!
  So this dress just got finished Friday (it’s what I’ll be wearing to the wedding too, just to add another level of “don’t screw it up or you have to shop too!”), I completed writing and editing the tutorial Saturday (don’t worry, I’ll let you guys know as soon as it’s out!), Sunday I relocated an entire room and today I have to make sure both myself and G are packed and 100% ready to get on a jet to Colorado by sunrise.
  I’m gonna miss you guys while I’m gone, but I’m ready for this vacation!

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