How to Add a Touch of Fall to Your Home for Free.

  Fall is on the way.  School buses are starting to make the rounds and a few of the more dramatic trees in our yard have already started changing color.

  Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m wishing away the last few days of summer (because I’m absolutely not), but after a long, exceptionally hot season, the slight coolness in the breeze and the thought of pumpkins and cider sounds intoxicating.
  If you guys have been doing any projects like this one that use old sweaters, or just have a sweater you’re willing to sacrifice and access to anywhere that trees are dropping sticks right now (your yard or a park!), you’ve already got everything you need for this project.
  Start by selecting a vase to use.  The bigger the vase, the bigger the branches you can use and the more dramatic the effect.  If you only have small parts of your sweater remaining, it may dictate how big your vase can be.  This piece is a collar from a turtleneck sweater I turned into a skirt.  If you don’t have a sweater to cut apart, this also looks nice with a bow or sisal wrapped around the vase.
  Head out into your yard/park and start collecting sticks.  The more forked and crooked they are, the better your vase will look!  Look for varying thicknesses, lengths and bark texture to add to the collection.  Throw them in your be-sweatered vase and enjoy your new decorative accent!

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