For My Little Prince- Felt Toddler Crown

  New office/sewing space is still kind of a wreck.  I’m not making a whole lot of progress because my body has been desperately begging me for sleep, so instead of getting anything done during G’s naps I’ve been taking one myself.

  That being said, I have done a little sewing this week.  I’d gotten a couple of patterns from Megan Nielsen’s maternity shop and cut out some charcoal grey knit for this top.  I’ll have to rethread my serger before I’m able to sew it up, but since I kind of hate cutting out patterns, the hard part is done!
  The other project from this week was a super quick one for G:
  We went to a community kids’ fair at one of our local parks and G had made himself a paper crown.  He was having lots of fun running around the house in it, but, being paper, it wasn’t holding up so well.  I decided a felt one would be just the thing.
  For mine I un-stapled the crown he had made and used it as a template, but using a head measurement and just marking even dividers for your peaks would be nearly as easy.  Mine is two layers of felt, folded over at the edge that hits the tops of his ears and then sewn along the jagged, peak edge.  The two layers make it a little tougher and give the spikes some more body so they stand up straight.
  He has decided that it needs more “shiny parts”, so I may have to find some rhinestones or something to stick onto it, but I’m hoping it will be getting lots of wear!

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