My New Toy

  So I’ve been trying to keep you guys up to speed as I’ve improved my photography skills with my little point and shoot.  Without any doubt, the pictures from recently are much better than the ones I started with last fall, but I’d gotten to a point where I felt like I’d hit a wall.

  My Mr. knew I was getting frustrated and really wanted to move to a DSLR, so for my birthday he decided to upgrade me.  Say goodbye to ol’ pointy-shooty and say hello to this bad boy:
  I still have a lot of playing to do to figure what I’m doing with this much more fire-power, but already I’m in love with the shots I’m getting.  
This is actually the very first shot I took with the new camera
  As always, as I figure stuff out, I’ll share what I’ve learned…in the meantime, just enjoy the less murky-colored, better focused pictures!!

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