Making Photos Brighter in Photoshop- Working Smarter, Not Harder

 Back in January I gave you guys an explanation of how I’d been editing my photos to get a cleaner background.  Since then, I’ve tweaked my process a bit and found better ways of getting nice, clean, white backgrounds faster and easier.  I got really sick of having to erase all of my white backgrounds, and this is a lot faster.

  Here’s the photo we’re going to be working on:
  Start by going to your “Image” menu and selecting “Levels”.
  When your menu pops up, select the dropper that has the white center (all the way to the right) and click on a portion of your picture that should be showing up white (I’ve highlighted the area I chose to click in with red in this picture).
  That one click ought to do something along these lines to your picture:
  Kind of nuts, huh?  Now imagine that I’d taken this picture more recently (this is from January), and had actually done a decent job of taking it in the first place and didn’t have weird lighting that caused bad shadows on half of it.  One click could have basically “fixed” the whole picture for me.
  I had been adjusting my levels manually…I found that “levels” gave me a little more control than “curves” had been doing…but even so, I wasn’t getting quite the results I wanted.  Using the droppers helps a LOT.
  Use the tools they give you.  Work smarter, not harder!
  As always and ever, as I learn these tricks, I’ll share them with you guys…it’s a slow process, but we’ll get the pictures we want eventually!

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