Sewing with a Double Needle, or, Why Haven’t I Used This for Years?

  I have a confession to make.  Double needles scared me.  I had never used one until late last week, and now I honestly can’t tell you why.
  Maybe because they sorta look like snake fangs?

  Seriously though, I’m really aggravated with myself for not trying this sooner.  It fits into my standard sewing machine, so I easily could have been using this years ago, and using wooly nylon thread, this works far better than this technique for keeping hems stretchy.
  Because of the two needles, this creates a nice, even set of parallel lines on the top of your piece with the bobbin thread zig zagging back and forth on the back.  You have to be careful to make sure and sew on the right side so you don’t wind up with the “clean” side on the inside of your garment, but that’s not a huge deal.  This isn’t as clean of a look as you’d get with a coverstitch machine (I still want one eventually)…you’re certainly not going to be purposely showing the back of this stitch like a lot of sportswear does with coverstitch, but it’s a really good step in the right direction.
  I haven’t tried it yet with non-wooly nylon thread, so I can’t speak to the stretchiness that way, but that’s my only current complaint…wooly nylon is a lot harder to find in matching colors than plain thread.  I’ll let you guys know how the plain thread works when I try it!


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