Why Parents of Toddlers REALLY Need Date Night

  Pretty much any webpage talking about how to have a happy marriage talks about date nights.  Up until a few months ago, I never understood it.  My Mr. and I did just fine staying connected eating dinner at our own table and watching movies on our couch after G went to bed…what on earth did we need to hire a babysitter for?

  But now I get it.
This is what G did when I asked him to clean up a truck and left the room for 3 minutes.
  Babies you can put to bed and even though you’re tired and it takes some work, you can relax enough to get back to being adults while they sleep.  Toddlers are a whole different animal.  They mess with your head…and they think it’s funny.
  My Mr. and I don’t actually talk to each other at dinner any more…both of us are too busy trying to cajole G into eating another bite of vegetables, to stay in his seat, to not feed the cat his meatloaf, answering his questions, trying to defeat his stall tactics to keep us from getting him to bed.
  Once he’s in bed isn’t much better.  He used to go down like a rock and we could have noisy dinner parties without worrying about him waking up.  Now he’ll wait quietly in his room until we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security before wailing like his arm has been surgically removed at the elbow.
  It’s like Chinese water torture with Precious Moments eyes.
  So now we have date nights.  G loves his “new friend” who comes and plays trains with him, and my Mr. and I were downright giddy at rediscovering dinner conversation.
  We haven’t settled into a routine yet or decided how often we’ll go out, but even once a month, sitting down to a nice dinner and not having to remind anyone at the table to “please keep your bottom on your seat”…it’s bliss.

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