Getting There

  I wanted to have my maternity shirt done to show you guys today.  I could have had my maternity shirt done to show you guys today if only I hadn’t been struck by inspiration.  See, the thing is, I don’t ever wear my sleeves all the way down over my wrists.  They get in the way, get in stuff and generally bother me, so they always wind up shoved up to 3/4 lengths.

  So I decided I was going to add some tabs to pull the sleeves up and loop them there, like this:
Yes, I pretty much traced the sketch off the pattern other than the sleeves.
 I changed her hair and colored the drawing, what do you want from me?

  Then I remembered all the leather accents I’ve been seeing in fashion magazines and online for this fall and I just had to have some on here.  That took some thinking though.  I don’t have any leather just laying around that would work for tacking onto little straps on knit sleeves…and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that even if I could find small amounts of thin leather at JoAnn’s or Micheal’s, you can’t WASH leather.  …I am not making myself a dry clean only maternity top.
  So after brainstorming for a bit I headed to JoAnn’s and picked up some vinyl in the saddle brown I wanted and came home.  At which point I realized I couldn’t find the remainder of my grey knit to make the straps out of in the first place.  This is what I get for purging my fabric stash.
  More brainstorming and a little cussing later, I came to the realization that the sleeves the pattern had me cut out were plenty long enough that I could cut my straps from the end without shortening the sleeves so much they’d look goofy.  Thank god I have t-rex arms.
  So here I am.  The body of the shirt is completed, but I can’t attach the sleeves until the straps are sewn onto them.  Can’t attach the straps until they’re finished.  Haven’t entirely figured out how I’m going to go about shaping the “leather” so it looks awesome and expensive…instead of like I have outdoor furniture upholstery tacked onto my sleeves, so more brainstorming yet.
  Good thing my belly isn’t big enough I actually need maternity wear yet, huh?

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