A Better Way to Reheat Pasta

  I’ve mentioned in the past, in a few of my lasagna recipes for example, that I’m a big fan of splitting my pasta recipes into two pans, serving one for dinner and saving the other for another night when I don’t have the time or the energy to make something.  Thing is, pasta doesn’t always reheat so well.  The bottom wants to stay frozen and the top dries out…yuck.
  Luckily I’ve found a better way.
  Here’s what you need:
A mostly thawed dish of pasta
A dish big enough to fit your frozen dish into
  Nestle your pan full of pasta inside the larger dish and pour an inch or so of water into it.  You don’t want TOO much water, because keep in mind that you’re going to be having to lift this whole thing OUT of the oven once it’s scalding hot, and if there’s anything more awful than sloshing yourself with lukewarm water, it’s splashing yourself with boiling.
  Cover the top of your pasta loosely with tinfoil and place the whole thing in the oven.  Reheat as usual.  (I typically reheat my lasagnas at 350 for around an hour).  The water in the bottom pan gets nice and hot, makes sure that the bottom of your pasta gets heated through, and as some of it evaporates into your oven, it makes a nice steam bath that combats that gross dried-out freezer dinner thing that nobody likes.  You wind up with pasta that tastes like you just cooked it!

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