Finally! Completed Maternity Top with Sleeve Details

  Well, it took me almost a month, but the Megan Nielsen top I started way back in August is finally done:
  Took my freakin time about it, I know, but I actually used a lot of new techniques and figured out a few design elements that took forever.  All for a pretty simple top.  Silly me.
  This is the first finished garment I’ve actually used a double needle on.  I also had to figure out the logistics of adding the straps to draw the sleeves up…how long they needed to be, which side to add the D-rings to and how to add the “leather” details to them…
  I wound up using brown vinyl…because apparently I had blocked out the bad memory that was the summer I worked at a pontoon boat factory making seats.  Vinyl is evil, unforgiving material and if you can at all avoid working with it, I’d suggest you do.  Because it’s not made out of fibers and is just basically a plastic sheet, anywhere your needles goes in, you leave a hole.  That means there are no second chances.  Once you sew, you’re done.  Evil.  I wound up sewing on all the details by hand, something that the hat I’ve been working on has been good practice for, but is still not my favorite way to spend an afternoon.
  I have a couple of modifications I think I’ll be making to this yet…the sleeves are rather baggy, which I think I’ll be changing (my belly is going to be huge, my arms are not, might as well show off the parts of me that are still slim), but this is finally wearable.
  All in all I’m happy with how it has turned out and I think it’ll probably get a lot of wear once my belly actually fills it out.  As you can see, I’m not there yet, but if my pregnancy with G is any indication, give me another month, month and a half and I’m going to go from “mild college student beer gut” to “how many kids are in there anyhow?!?”
  The straps took me forever, like I said, but they weren’t hard once I figured them out, and I really like the detail they add.  Would anybody be interested in a tutorial of how I did them?
  New here?  Take a look around.  You can find my most recent projects here.  Only interested in sewing?  Those projects are here.

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