Things I Never Buy (and Some I Really Should Stop)

  I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to cut down on the clutter in our lives.  Obviously some of that requires taking possessions we already have out of our house, but a big part of it is just not bringing new clutter in.
  Any home or organizing magazine will give you tips about keeping junk mail out of your house, or using reusable grocery bags to keep from accumulating plastic bags, but what about the things you’re buying?  As an idea of things you can stop bringing into your life, here is a list of things I never buy…and a few I’d really like to get myself to stop buying!
Things I Never Buy*
*We all know better than to say “never”, these are close enough to never I feel honest.
**This drives my Mr. batty.  He loves his blue ammonia based stuff.
Things I Ought to Stop Buying
  • Lipstick- I only wear it once or twice a year…that’s enough to remind me that it’s messy and high maintenance.  Problem is, I just loooove all the pretty colors…
  • Writing implements- That line about a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils?  Yeah, I have enough pens, pencils, markers and highlighters to fill a garden at this point.
  • Fabric- The picture in this post just hints at the fiber-hoarding I’ve been doing.
  • Clothing- See above.  I have the ability and certainly the supplies, besides, I already have too many clothes!
  • Basically any cosmetics.
  We all have our weak spots when it comes to buying things we don’t need.  For me, it’s vanity products.  Clothes, perfumes, cosmetics…anything that has the potential to make me prettier (and… pencils?).  We buy these things, not because we need them, but because we get an emotional high from it.  It’s easy for me to not buy cleaning supplies, because, well, I don’t really like cleaning.  It’s hard for me to not buy vanity items because I love playing dress up and finger painting on my face with makeup.
  Breaking the habit of that quick “retail therapy” high is really, really hard, especially because every store you’re in is working to keep you buying, but I’m trying to keep at it.  Slowly but surely I’m curating my possessions down to those that really suit me, work well and are high quality.  It helps me to remind myself when I have that shiny new bauble in my hands, just begging to be bought, how much work I’m going to have to put into maintaining it.  That it’s going to have to be stored somewhere…I’ll have to find space in my closet, or my bathroom or my dressers for it.  That it will have to be washed or polished or maintained in some fashion.  
  I don’t want to live in a house filled to the brim with half used bottles of fancy lotion and once-tried eye shadow.  But to get the house I want, I have to stop bringing those things home in the first place!
  What are your impulse-buy weaknesses?  

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