Support Your Local Orchards

  It has been a rough year for Michigan fruit growers and it’s only likely to feel worse for them in the next few months when they have no fruit to sell in what would usually be the heart of the harvest season.

  The abnormally early, hot spring followed by the return of “normal” spring weather killed essentially all of the tree-borne fruit in our area.  If it has to flower out and then be pollinated to become a fruit, it’s dead.  The freakish dry spell didn’t do anybody trying to grow produce any favors either.
  That means, now that fall is here and the trees are changing colors and there is a nip in the air, that traditional yearning for apple cider is more of a pipe dream than something you can just hop over to the local cider mill and grab.  That’s bad news for local orchards.
  We wanted to make sure that we supported the orchards around us, cider or no cider, so we headed over last weekend.  The orchards near us plan to ship in apples from out of state, to at least have cider on hand, but they’re rather at the mercy of the other growers.  For now, we enjoyed seeing the animals on the farm…
  …checking out the tractor…
  …seeing how big we’d gotten…
  …playing in the hay maze…
  And of course, DOUGHNUTS!
  If you’re in an area that was hit by the strange weather this year, please support your local farmers.  Stop in and pick up a dozen doughnuts, grab some cider if they’re importing it, take a hay ride, buy a ticket to their petting zoo.  
  We all want to make sure that next fall they’ll still be around!

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