Sewing Inspiration

  It’s been a slow week for sewing.  G has been waking up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom or with nightmares, and so I haven’t been getting much rest.  That means most of my “free” time during the day has been dedicated to either napping or studying this week.  So instead of showing you guys a half finished pair of little boy’s pants that I’m working on for G’s Halloween costume, I thought I’d share some of my inspiration for upcoming projects.

  First and foremost, I have to look at my ideas with an eye on the fact that I have a baby belly and it’s only going to be getting bigger for the next few months.  That means no sheath dresses or wasp waisted circle skirts for me (drat!).  I really love my Megan Nielsen top that I finished, and so I want to make a few more.  Technically I suppose I could just follow the pattern without any alterations…but I think we all know that I’m utterly incapable of leaving any pattern as is.  One of the alterations I’d like to do is this:
  Right now the baby isn’t big enough to keep me warm, so I’m rocking 15 sweaters at once, but soon (sooooon!) I’m sure that little space heater is going to have me sweating like it’s mid-July…and what a pretty detail!
  I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to turn this one into a winter appropriate top, but the slightly different fabric for the bodice is just gorgeous.  Maybe I’ll try making it as is and will just use it to hide my post-baby belly come spring.
  This cute tunic reminds me of my “almost Pollini” dress, but with room for a belly.  Not sure I’m in love with the below the elbow puff sleeves (they’d be covered in peanut butter and thread scraps in a heart beat with my wearing them) but the general idea is darling.
  I just found this top/dress today and rather love it.  Again, not so practical for colder weather, but hey, if I’m making myself a never ending list of projects…it’s probably going to be warm before I get around to it anyhow!
  I have several projects that I need to get done for G (his Halloween costume, curtains for his new room, a comforter for his “big boy” bed), so I’m not letting myself make too long of a “maternity clothing to do” list.
  If you’re looking for more ideas, or just kind of want to see the things that are inspiring me, feel free to hop over to my Pinterest “sewing inspiration” board.  There are more body conscious ideas for those of you who aren’t working around a growing kiddo and lots of tutorials as well.

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