Making Fleece Lined Pants

  Where on Earth do my weeks keep going?  Here it is another Friday and I’ve only just barely finished the fleece lined pants I mentioned to you last week!

  I originally made these with the intention of them being a part of G’s Halloween costume.  Michigan Halloweens are typically frigid, and snow is most certainly not unheard of during trick or treating.  I always hated as a kid that I’d wind up having to put a coat over my costumes and effectively ruin them to keep from coming down with pneumonia or something, so I’ve tried to find ways to keep G warm while still staying in character.
  After his Dopey costume turned out so well last year I had grand ambitions of creating a Sir Topum Hat costume to go with his recent Thomas the Train obsession.  With a week and a half to go and a tuxedo coat, vest and (most challenging and important of all) a top hat yet to make, I suspect he may be going as something a little easier to throw together this year.  Sorry kiddo.  Mommy loves you, but she also needs to sleep on occasion.
  But, costume or not, cold weather is coming, so this pair of pants is going into rotation to keep my little guy’s legs toasty.
  If you want to make your own pair, it’s fairly simple.  Cut your pant pieces out of both your exterior fabric and your fleece.  Your fleece pieces should be a hair smaller than the exterior pieces.  Sew your leg and side seams as if you are constructing two separate pairs of pants.
  Before inserting your elastic into the waistband or hemming the cuffs, flip your fleece pants inside out and place them inside of your exterior pants.  All of your exposed seams should be concealed this way.  Join your waistbands together and fold over elastic to finish as normal.
  To address the hems, you can do two things.  Shorten your fleece legs and allow them to hang freely inside the leg (will result in a less stiff, bulky looking pant) or fold it directly into your hem.  Either way will result in nice, warm little legs, but the first may require some tacking by hand to keep bunching away.
  If you have any questions about how I did any of this, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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