Make your Own Transluscent Powder substitute

  We’re suffering from a bad case of the crud over here.  G’s nose is runny and not feeling good is making him generally snotty.  I’ve mostly fought off the symptoms so far, but am still run down from it…and from dealing with the fall out from the little boy.

  So no new crafts this week, but I thought I’d walk you through what I use instead of store bought foundation powder.
  And now in the easiest explanation ever, I get to say, in one word: cornstarch.  If you want the whole back story, click through the link above, but basically what it comes down to is that another blogger noticed that several of her favorite mineral makeups, the vast majority of the ingredient list boiled down to, well, just cornstarch.
  I’m super pasty white, so plain ol’ translucent works perfectly for me.  I don’t add anything to my corn starch.  It works beautifully.  Keeps shine to a minimum, and frankly it feels a lot nicer to me than most store bought makeup anyhow.  If you’re not quite so fair skinned, you can always add some tinted powder to the mix or cinnamon, if you want to keep it all kitchen based.
  A little tiny bit goes a long way with this.  I usually scoop about a teaspoon into my dish and it lasts me most of a month.
  And for those of you who are wondering…between the baking soda for the face scrubs, the corn starch for my makeup and all the other random bowls and bottles of concoctions from the kitchen that I rub on my head, yes, my bathroom does look a bit like a mad scientist’s lab.

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