Maternity Wrap Top

   Another sewing project completed, woohoo!  This is another Megan Nielsen top, just like the one I added the “leather” accents to.  I didn’t mess with this one (much), so it took way less time to complete.  I lengthened the sleeves, because I had it in my head this was going to be more sweater-like and didn’t want to mess with long sleeved shirts underneath peeking out.  It turned out tighter than that, so the shorter length would have been fine, but, eh, whatever.  I’m due in March…it’s not exactly going to be balmy for most of my pregnancy.
Maternity Wrap Top
  Man…amazing how much further my belly is out a month later!  On that note…anybody want to be my body double for my sewing projects for the next few months while I get cruise liner sized?  No?  *sighs* I simply don’t understand why it takes 30 self portraits to get one that I’m not making a goofy face in.  Lets blame hormones.  Until I have the baby anyhow…then we can blame lack of sleep.  Or global warming.  Just so long as it’s somehow not my fault when I look like a moron.
  Anyways, this top is kind of hilarious.  It looks darling on, once you finish wrapping the 18 feet (no, literally, nine feet on each side) of knit band around yourself, but I have to admit that I feel a bit like I’ve grown a set of really unwieldy tentacles when getting dressed in it.  I knock stuff over, I get my legs tangled, the bands get knotted…it’s like a solo game of Twister.
  As trying as it is to get into, the crazy long bands are actually kind of genius.  No matter how big I get (and if you guys remember my 9 month picture from my how to pick non-maternity clothing post, you know I’m gonna get big) I can just change the way I wrap this top and still have a flattering, form conscious shirt.  Even if the form it’s conscious of is “watermelon with arms”.  I also love that I’ll still be able to wear it, without any alterations, after the baby is born.  Can’t beat that!
  If you decide to try out this pattern, be warned that cutting the pieces is a bit trickier than with most.  So long as you actually pay attention to the fabric width requirements and yardage and all that, you’ll be peachy.  But if you’re a rebel like me and decide to ignore the whole “use 60″ wide fabric” thing and just pull something out of your stash without measuring…you’ll probably end up with more seams in your sashes.  Not a huge deal, but it does make wrapping so you don’t wind up with a Franken-seam across your belly a little more challenging.
  If you get through the cutting alright, you’re golden.  This pattern is a breeze to assemble.
  Now…what should I sew next?
  New here?  You can find my other sewing projects here, but I do lots of other stuff too!  Click here for my most recent creative attempt.


  1. Hi! We are doing an Indie Sewing Pattern series on Sew Mama Sew in July, featuring a different pattern every day of the month. Meagan Nielson said your Wrapped Maternity Top is one of her favorites (no wonder–it’s great!) May we please use one of your images on our blog, with attribution? If so, if you have a high-resolution image to attach to an email, that would be fabulous. We use 800 px wide images on our blog.

    Thank you,

    Kristin Link
    Sew Mama Sew

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