How to Make Your Own Felt Board

  I had another test in my accounting class this week, so all of my sewing projects have been pretty small or haven’t gotten finished due to all my studying.  I cut out pieces for another maternity shirt and I made possibly the worst constructed pair of pants ever for a baby doll I got for G to practice helping me when his little brother is born.  Neither of those are projects you guys really need to see (I’ll of course share the shirt when it’s done, but now it’s just pieces), so instead I thought I’d share an old project that’s just now getting some use.

  I made this felt board for G probably a year and a half ago in a fit of foolish optimism that at a year old he’d be totally into it.  It sat in our living room, barely touched, for months, until we finally gave up and moved it to our basement for storage.  I brought it back upstairs this week after watching G rip glued-on pieces off of a piece of paper and then desperately try to re-stick them.  Lo and behold, he finally cares!
  The actual board for this project couldn’t be any easier to make.  Find an appropriately sized chunk of particle board, lay it on top of your felt and cut, leaving 2-3″ of felt on all sides.  Fold the felt over and staple in place using a staple gun.  Tada!  Your felt board is ready.  If you want to get really fancy, you could add a stand to the back to allow the board to stand upright on its own like an easel.  …we haven’t bothered yet and just prop it up on a chair.
  To create your “characters”, I suggest drawing a basic outline of what you want to make onto paper, cutting it out and then tracing the shape onto your felt.  If your artistic capabilities are a little on the thin side, try searching google for coloring page images and printing them at a shrunken size as a guide.  Hand stitch details onto your pieces using contrasting color felt and embroidery thread.  This is an awesome tv watching project since it’s small and fairly quick.
  At the moment, G has a collection of animals.  Seeing as he’s SO into trucks, tractors and trains right now, I plan on adding a few new characters for him, as soon as I can design a couple with engines!

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