A Room for Big Brother G

  Since we’re approaching on xmas time, I have several projects I’m working on right now that I can’t share with you guys.  They’re gifts for one person or another who possibly or probably reads the blog and I don’t want to give away the surprise.

  There is one huge project we’ve been working on lately though that I can finally share, because we’ve gotten far enough on it to take pictures and not have it just be like “uhm, you did something?”
  G’s new room:
  I’ll give you that the walls don’t look all that different in the picture.  That’s by design.  I really liked the color that was in there when we moved in, but, being an old house, not all the windows have UV tinting on them.  These don’t, and so anywhere we had hung pictures or there had been shelving, there were darker spots on the bleached out walls.  There were funky dirty spots we hadn’t bothered with when we’d claimed it as our office since we knew we’d be re-doing it and there were lots and lots and lots of holes.  Not painting really wasn’t an option.  So I found the absolute closest color I could, we patched all the holes and put on a clean coat of paint.
  The floor is where the real work has been, and I can’t take any credit for that at all.  Being knocked up has its advantages/disadvantages when it comes to home improvement.  Our house is old as dirt, so I wasn’t allowed to do any sanding at all in the room, due to lead paint concerns, and the floor treatment in general had lots of not-so-friendly fumes and dusts that my Mr. didn’t want to expose me (or G) to.  
  You can see in the first picture that the floor looks exceptionally dull.  That’s because at some point, one of the owners before us stripped this floor…and then didn’t bother to finish it.  It was a minefield of rough edges and slivers waiting to happen.  We kept all the parts that weren’t under desks covered in area rugs while we were using it as our office out of fear of our tender feet turning into hardwood porcupines.  I am not subjecting my baby boy to that kind of floor. 
  That meant my Mr. had to pull up some of the edging around the bottom of the baseboards (it still needs to be replaced in the “after” picture), sand everything, stain it, put on a couple coats of polyurethane and then repaint the trim.  That room has been sealed off like the site of some really terrible bio-hazard accident for 2 months while he has slaved away in there.
  Notice the random garbage bag with the wires coming out of it.  That’s our internet hook up.  This is how much my man loves me…he bagged the whole thing and taped it to the wall while he was working on the floor so I wouldn’t have to give up my web fix.  I’m spoiled.
  Now it’s my turn to start working in there.  I’m on the hunt for a rug I like, a rocker so G can sit and read (and we can read to him) and a dresser.  I have plans to make him curtains and a bed spread and the curtain rod is going to be going up up up, off the window trim to just shy of the ceiling and out to almost touch the walls.  I’m painting and distressing a toy chest for him.  Lots and lots of projects.
  We’re hoping to start him sleeping in there shortly after Thanksgiving, so I’ll of course show you guys how it is going as the room progresses!

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