Combined Patterns V-neck

  I’ll admit it, today’s piece is boring.  It’s a basic long sleeved, navy v-neck.  But I kind of like boring when it comes to my wardrobe…it makes it more versatile! 
  I completely forgot to take a picture of this during my usual window of daylight, so G was up from his nap and decided to help me out.  I, for one, think he makes the picture.
  This shirt is a Frankenstein-ed together piece.  I started with a pattern I’d made from one of my favorite tops, used the Megan Nielsen top pattern to add gathering to the front for my belly and then altered the neckline to make it a more defined v-neck.
  I thought about adding some “leather” detailing to it, like I did with this top, but I was originally thinking about adding shoulder patches like this:
  Cuuuute on Captain Waif-y Pants here, but I remembered, “oh yeah, I have linebacker shoulders” and decided that it’d probably just make me look like the Hulk.
  I thought about a couple of other details, but nothing was really inspiring me, so I decided, eh, screw it, a basic navy v-neck isn’t a bad thing to have, and here we are.
  I figure that these maternity pieces I’m making aren’t a bad use of time for a few reasons.  One, I’m of course just happy to have clothing that I don’t hate while actually pregnant.  Two, practice sewing is never a bad thing, you only get better by doing it over and over!  And three, because of the design of these tops, it should be really easy for me to slash the side seams post 2.0’s birth and remake them as non-maternity tops without much fuss.
  Have any questions about how I put any of this together?  Let me know and I’ll be happy to do a tutorial!

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