Printable Desktop Calendar

  Today I’m going to share something I actually meant to share last year but discovered too late.  The blog My Owl Barn puts out a free, printable owl themed mini-calendar each year and it’s absolutely adorable.
  Last year, I didn’t discover it until a week or two into January, but this time around I’m finding it right after it came out.
  Huge numbers of artists collaborate on this project and create beautiful, unique pieces of work, all featuring owls.  The site has two options for setting up your calendar: use their pre-formatted version, or set the pictures you select for specific months.
  I always pick my pictures myself, but it’s not easy!  With 43 different images to choose from, there are always 2 or 3 I want for each month!
Owl Lover 2013 Calendar
  I print mine out onto cardstock, cut the individual months out and then use a scrapbooking tool to round my corners.  The finished product is about the size of a 4″x 6″ photo and is utterly charming next to my computer.
  With all the craziness of the holidays yet ahead of us, it’s so nice to be able to check “2013 Calendar” off the list, and in such a cute, free way too!

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