How to Make a Lariat/Bolero Necklace

  Break out the needle nose pliers guys, we’re making jewelry.
  I wish I could tell you exactly where the inspiration for this necklace came from.  I know that it’s at least partly because of a true bolero necklace I have that I’ve been wearing to pieces, but that one looks like a zipper, and most certainly has neither pearl nor pearlescent tooth thingie.
  Regardless, the idea for this popped into my head and I couldn’t shake it until I’d made it.
  I’m not entirely sure if I should classify this as a lariat or a bolero necklace, as it functions like a lariat but wears more like a bolero.  Either way, I’m rather happy with how it turned out.
  If you want to make your own version (snaggle tooth or not), here’s what you’ll need:
Long chain (mine is 24″ and barely fits over my head)
Jump rings (must fit through the chain and smaller looks better)
Minimum 2 beads (should be somewhat similar in weight)
Head/Eye pins for attaching beads
Jewelry tools (needle nose pliers, ect)
  The first step you must take is determining how far your necklace is going to need to open to fit over your head.  This is where you will put your joining point (where the two halves of the chain meet and the bottom portion of the “Y” shape begins).  The furthest up my chain I was able to place it and still fit the necklace over my head was about an inch and a half.  Slide a small jump ring through your chain and close it.  This will be your more stationary half of the necklace.  Attach one of your beads to the bottom of this side of the chain.
  Next, thread the second half of the chain through the jump ring you attached and finish the necklace by attaching your second bead to the remaining chain end.
  Confused?  I made a drawing…it may help:
  I commented in the “ingredient” list above that your beads should be somewhat similar in weight.  That’s because while the jump ring keeps the chains from drifting apart, it does NOT stop them from shifting length in regards to one another.  If one of your beads weighs significantly more than the other you’re going to wind up with either your mobile chain yanked all the way up to the jump ring and no difference in length (besides the distance between the jump ring and 1st bead) or your whole necklace wrapped tightly around your neck while the second bead swings to your navel. 
 Neither is really the look we’re going for.
  So long as your beads are pretty close to the same weight they will move freely, but more or less stay where you put them.
  Have any questions?  Send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to clear them up!

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