A Random Assortment of Things

  It has been a long week.  Monday was exhausting and embarrassing and frustrating.  I had to take it easy the few days after to make sure I didn’t faint again, and so I didn’t get much of anything accomplished, and now I have some nonsense that’s causing me to spike a fever.

  I’m officially done with November.  Don’t expect to hear from me tomorrow, because rather than writing I plan on spending today hiding under the covers making sure nothing else can go wrong.
  That being said, today’s post is a couple of little projects I’ve been doing lately.  Nothing terribly involved or special, but little things I’ve gotten done.
  My first project was these gold sheer curtains for my dining room.
  Our neighbor’s garage windows are right across from our dining room windows and the new people who moved in this summer have opened the curtains that our old neighbors always kept closed.  …and the new people seem to like hanging out in the garage with their friends instead of parking their cars in there.  And frankly it kind of weirded me out sitting down to dinner directly across from their garage party.  Plus, with winter being here, extra insulation (even as little as sheers give) is always a bonus.
  So, you know, multi-purpose curtains.  Insulation and a bit of a visual break because I’m snotty and judgmental about other people’s garage usage.
  They’re a little gaudy.  The opaque curtains I have in there are taffeta, so I already have shiny going on, and more shiny is a bit much…but it’s the holidays.  I can look for something cream colored come January.  And these are really pretty when the setting sun hits them.
  For my other project, I found these super cute arctic animal templates and used them to make a rabbit and fox for G’s felt board.  …too bad they make my original animals look totally amateur!  This is a really good example of how great your felt pieces can turn out when you start with a coloring page though!
  …there are a couple other things I’ve been stitching on this week, but, unfortunately they’re all gifts, so I can’t exactly share them here for a bit.
  Hope everybody else has had a less eventful week than I did, and I’ll see you Monday!

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