Christmas Classic-The Countdown Chain

  G has been driving me crazy about Christmas.  He can’t wait for it to get here, and is having a bit of a hard time with the concept that it’s the Christmas season, but not Christmas day.  After being asked about 30 times a day if it was Christmas yet, I decided it was time to give him something to visualize how long he needed to wait.

  I’m not about to claim it’s the most clever of crafts, but it was easy to do while I was recovering last week and seems to be helping him be a little more patient.  He’s still a hair young to be using the stapler, and I have a tough time convincing myself to let him loose with scissors, but he loved coloring the tree while I made the chain.
  One improvement I did make to this… I know how exhausted and flakey the Mr. and I have been lately (can’t imagine why), so rather than us having to try and remember if we took a ring off the night before or if we’d missed one and having to count things out, I wrote the date on each ring.  No question that way.  If it’s December 4th, the December 4th ring gets removed at the end of the night.
  Quick, easy craft, and it’s saving me a bunch of questions in the middle of the “why” phase…what could be better?

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