Toddler Pajama Pants

  Slow sewing week again.  The fever I talked about last week knocked me out all weekend…I literally slept for 3 days straight…and so then there was lots of catching up to do once I was better. 
 That meant not a whole lot of time at my sewing machine, but I did have the chance to bust out at least one project:
  Two and a half is prime growth spurt time, and my friend’s daughter has been shooting up like a weed even more than G.  Little Miss E already has 3″ of legs on G, despite his being several months older.
  In a stroke of good timing, Miss E’s mom mentioned E had grown out of all of her pj pants just as I was looking to clear some of the more feminine fabrics out of my stash.
  I started with the basic pant pattern from this Simplicity pattern that I keep going back to and then used a folded over band of the darker flannel to self-hem the pants.
  There is another pair in the works for her (lord knows, with two boys, I’m not going to be using hot pink, knit terry cloth for MY kids!) but I didn’t get a chance to rethread my machines and get those sewn up for this week.
  I’m hoping to have an uneventful enough week to crank out a couple of projects in the upcoming week, but my final exam for my class is Wednesday, so we’ll see how much of my time is eaten by studying.
  Hope everybody is doing well and getting lots of stitching time in this holiday season!

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