Pleated Tunic and more Toddler PJs

  I’ve reached a really awkward stage of my pregnancy when it comes to getting dressed.  Sometimes, if I wear just the right clothes and stand at the right angle, I can convince myself that I still look “normal”…that I still have what could be mistaken for a waist.
  Then I go and turn slightly and, well, so much for that fantasy:
  I think I’ll like this shirt a lot better once there’s just one person in it…but for the time being, it’s awful comfy.  I started with McCall’s Pattern M6241 for this, and, because it’s how I roll, made a few modifications.
  Between the funky Michigan-winter lighting and the black fabric, you can’t really see any of the design details in these pictures, but this shirt has dropped shoulder seams, 5 pleats across the shoulder (that make the nice, drapey neckline) an angled hemline and 3 pleats on the hip (that creates more draping across the hips and belly).  Look how cute it looks on this non-pregnant, teenaged model!
  I made a size 12 top, because with my broad shoulders, it’s typically a smart move for me to work with a slightly larger size and then take it in for my hips and waist.  I think a 10 may have been a better fit, as I had to take this in all the way along both side seams, bringing in the arms as well as the waistline.  Be aware if you use this pattern that it’s heavy on the “ease” and if you’re a tart like me who likes your clothing tight, you’ll want to pick a smaller size than usual.
  The pattern specifies that you HAVE to use 60″ knit, which tied my hands a little in what I was able to pick out of my stash to create this.  Having made it now, I’m of the opinion, at least for the smaller sizes anyhow, there’s no reason you can’t use narrower knits…you’ll obviously just need more yardage.  I think I’ll probably go back and make another color in the 10.
  My other sewing project this week was finishing the second pair of pj pants for Miss E that I mentioned last week:
  They’re bright, they’re gaudy and they’re soft.  What more could a little girl ask for, right?
  I only got the two sewn up this week, but I did get all the paper pieces cut out for another project I’ve been wanting to work on for a while.  That alone took me most of a night, so this may be one of those long-term, knock-down, dragged-out projects…but we’ll see!

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