I’m Dreaming of a Less Insane Christmas

  I had several ideas for today’s post, but I’m afraid this is just going to be a rant.

  Adding itself to the ridiculously long list of things that have gone wrong for me lately is that, as of a few moments ago, my computer refused to recognize my camera card.  The camera can read it…and the computer recognizes the drive it installs into…but it will not recognize that there is a card in said drive.  So, I have no way of getting any of my pictures from my camera to my computer.
  This is the most recent of, quite literally, a month of nearly everything I touch going wrong.
  Things are breaking left and right around the house.  From things as large as the water heater, to parts in our (turns out) no-longer-in-production shower faucet, to coffee mugs, child locks and trinkets.  If it hasn’t broken yet, just give it a day or two.
  This pregnancy has had more complications in these first two trimesters than I had through my whole pregnancy, labor, birth and aftercare with G and doesn’t promise to slow down any on the frustrations.  There will be more details on that once I have a better idea of what’s going on and calm down enough to write a post consisting of words with more than four letters in them.  I’m hormonal, I’m uncomfortable and I’m facing a whole lot of really frustrating “consequences” of being pregnant that I did not expect to be signing up for after a complication free first pregnancy.
  The weather has been horrible.  I’ve lived in Michigan all of my 30 years and so I expect winter to be gloomy, but I have not seen the sun for more than 5 minutes at a time in over two weeks.  I’m pretty sure even an eyeless cave rat would be developing seasonal affective disorder in these conditions.  …it’d be one thing if we at least were getting some snow out of the deal, but it’s just been damp and dark and awful.
  All in all I’ve been really in need of some good, angry venting with my girlfriends on the phone.  Unfortunately G has recently decided that his new favorite activity is following me around screaming when I try to talk on the phone.
  I’m giving up for today.  Tomorrow I’ll try and figure out how to get my camera card and my computer to play nice.  There are a few recipes I’ve already photographed that will be able to go up in the meantime if not…but please, please, please can we be done with all this nonsense by Christmas?
…and to add to the hilarity, this post just went up immediately instead of waiting to post at the scheduled 6:30 am I set it up for.  Seriously, I’m going to be hiding under a rock so the world doesn’t get me.  Let me know when whatever this cosmic joke is, is over.

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