Sparkling Wrap- McCall’s M6408

  It’s the holidays, so who doesn’t want something in their wardrobe with a little shine?  This time of year I always seem to find myself drawn to rhinestones and sequins and anything that goes sparkle.  Problem is, all the super cute sparkly tops that are out right now go over my big ol’ baby belly and, poof, somebody magicked up the local disco ball and it’s running around on legs like good old Frosty the Snowman.
  Amusing?  Yes.  Flattering?  Not remotely.
  So I made this instead:
  Because I’m pregnant, this fits rather differently than it’s supposed to.  I have to tie it a good 3-4″ above where my waist normally would be so the knot can sit above 2.0.  The picture that comes on the envelope looks like this:
  I’m sure that come spring/summer and I relocate my, uh, misplaced waist, it will look somewhat like that on me, but for now, it’s a comfy way for me to get a touch of glitter without looking like I’ve dressed up as the New Years Eve ball.
  The fabric I used has more stretch than the required “moderate” stretch knit, so the tie that I’ve used in the picture above may not work in a less elastic fabric…but I found that, with my belly, tying the sweater as shown in the picture was more casual than I was looking for.  Perfectly fine for Tuesdays in jeans, but the above picture was taken just before we rushed out the door to our family Christmas celebration.  Instead of only pulling the ties forward and putting a knot in them, I wrapped them around my back first before bringing them to the front.  This makes more of the excess fabric gather in the back, instead of up front like on the envelope, but otherwise it looks a bit like a robe on me right now.
  A few notes about the pattern: This is HUGE.  This is described as a “very loose fitting jacket”, and they aren’t kidding.  I suspect that the models in the pictures above are wearing 2-3 sizes smaller than their measurements would indicate they should wear.  I am.  As I’ve said before, I typically pick my pattern size based on my bust size and then bring in the waist and hips as needed, but after how big the tunic I made two weeks ago turned out (also a McCall’s pattern), I decided to do some preemptive measuring.  Man am I glad I did.
  I checked the shoulder measurement on one of my favorite sweaters, measuring across the back from armhole seam to armhole seam and compared it to the measurements the pattern had.  According to the envelope I’d be a medium (a size 12, just like the tunic).  Once I measured the pieces, I decided to go with an XS (4-6) instead.  I’m starting to think that McCall’s engages in vanity sizing just a touch.  I’m definitely going to be measuring their pieces instead of believing their envelopes from here on out.
  This is a crazy simple pattern.  It goes really fast and turns out very cute.  Even cuter if you’re not a lazy hobo like me and you actually iron/steam your finished product before you put it on and start taking pictures.
  The only kind of unusual thing that I found was the instructions to add clear elastic to the shoulders.  It’s actually a great recommendation, as it will help keep the shoulder seams from stretching out, but still allows them to stretch…buuuut, I didn’t have any clear elastic on hand, so I’m just going to have to hope that the fact I used non-wooly nylon serger thread for those will help stabilize it enough.
  If you’re just starting out working with knits, I’d definitely suggest this as one of your first projects.  There aren’t a whole lot of pieces, no real complicated directions and the end piece is nice and versatile.  I will absolutely be making more of these!

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