2012-A Year in Review

  Showed you Mayans, 2012 is just about over and we’re still here!  
  A couple of my favorite blogs have been doing end of the year wrap ups that included collages of what they’ve done over the year and I rather love the idea.  It’s far too easy at the end of a year to look at what’s left on our to-do lists and feel like we’ve gotten nothing accomplished.  I absolutely have dozens of projects I promised myself I’d finish this year that just didn’t happen, and it’d be really easy to take that as an indication I’ve been lazy…but when I lay out everything that did get done…wow!  Not too bad for somebody with a toddler in her hair, a baby in her belly and who has been back in school!
  I started out a little slowly sewing for myself this year.  Not a whole lot of pieces came off my machine until the weather started to warm up, but once I found out I was pregnant I went a little crazy!
  …one of my goals over the past year has been to improve my photography.  Perhaps one of my goals for next year should be to learn to actually smile at the camera when I take self portraits…
  G didn’t get a ton of sewing done for him this year.  He grew a lot, but Grandma B was well ahead of him in the clothing game, so I just supplemented with a couple of pairs of pants this fall and some lightweight pjs when the weather was hot.  Turns out I forgot to take pictures of about half of what I made him.  Oops.
  The start of the year was a little heavier on craft sewing, which, of course has slowed down a little with all the maternity wear getting churned out, but still is a pretty substantial amount of work.
  Whew, all that and I still manged to do some non-sewing related stuff.  I guess I can’t really beat myself up for being lazy after all!
  Not a whole lot of knitting or crocheting this year…what I have done is a bit hush hush as it’s a long term project that will eventually be a gift, but I have plans for a few larger projects in the next few months and one small project that’s already on my needles that you’ll see in the next week or two.
  The landscaping didn’t get a whole lot of love, due to the massively scorching summer we had being pared with a bad case of morning sickness, but we did expand the trellis on our garage, put in a new flower bed on the east side of our garage, mulched it and re-mulched most of our other flower beds as well as getting a new crop of garlic planted this fall.  It wasn’t nearly as much as we had intended to do, but we maintained all the progress we’d made in the previous summers and nobody actually collapsed from heat stroke or sun poisoning.  Good enough for me.
  Inside the house our list of things we wanted to get done was a little shorter, but a lot of them got done!  We painted the kitchen…something I’d been wanting to do since we moved in, and every time I walk into it since I heave a sigh of relief that it’s not orange creamsicle explosion anymore.  We continued working towards our goal of fewer, more useful items.  We still have a ways to go, but this slow and steady progress means we’re really thinking about finding solutions and minimizing the things in our life, not just throwing things out one day to replace them the next.  And the biggest project of all, we moved our office downstairs into what used to be our guest bedroom so we could move G into his new room.  The office is still a big, hot mess and G’s room still has a good dozen projects I need to complete before I’ll consider it “done”, but both are functional, if not pretty, and are headed very much in the right direction.
  I’m sure I’m missing stuff.  Every time I go to look for a picture of something I’m finding another project I’d forgotten we’d done this year.  None of this is even counting any of the new recipes we tried out!  I’m pretty proud of everything we’ve gotten finished.  2012 has felt a little rough.  Between losing our cat, classes frying my brain, pregnancy messing with my body and half of our house/belongings breaking on us one way or anot
her (and lets not forget the invasion of bees…) it’s nice to have a reminder that we weren’t just playing catch up all year!
  What about you?  Write down everything you can think of that you accomplished this year.  I bet you’ll be astonished by how much you achieved! 

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