Cloth Cosmetics Case

  Oh geeze guys, the nesting has kicked in, and it’s kicked in HARD.  I realized that I only have two months left before my due date, and less than a month and a half before this kiddo is technically “full term”.  I’m cleaning parts of my house I’ve refused to look at for months.  I also figured it was about time I put together my bag for the hospital.

  I started gathering my things and pulled out my ratty old backpack from high school.  Hmm, I thought to myself, it’d be nice if my makeup didn’t all get lost at the bottom of the bag.  Did I grab a ziplock?  Noooo, I had to make something.
  …so I finished that, tossed in my makeup and realized, gee, it’s not quite big enough for my toothbrush and contact stuff…  so I picked out some fabric to make another one for my toiletries. 
 And then, as I was looking at my pretty new makeup bag and the fabric for my toiletries bag, I decided, man, I can’t just throw these into that gross old backpack!  ….so I started making a new overnight bag.  And as I worked on that, I kept finding new and inventive ways to make it extra complicated.  Ooh!  It needs a contrasting lining!  That lining should have a pocket in it!  I don’t want any of the seams to show!
  I’ve lost my cotton-pickin mind.
  The satchel for my makeup is the only one that’s entirely finished, but by next Friday I should have a lovely, finished, coordinating set of bags to take to the hospital.  I’m sure my Mr. will appreciate every stitch in the bright pink lining as I’m grunting and groaning while he hauls my things in for me.
  The cosmetics bags really couldn’t be simpler.  They’re your typical two-rectangles-sewn-together design, I simply did a little spiffing up around the zipper.  To make the edges a little cleaner I made a faux bias tape (same idea, narrow band of fabric folded onto itself and ironed, but I didn’t bother with that whole “bias” thing) and used it to finish the edges of the zippers.
  To do this, sew the top of the zipper shut and cut it off just above your stitching.  Fold your tape over it and stitch it shut.  Line your zipper up with the body of your bag and cut it slightly shorter (to account for seam allowance when you sew the body of the bag together).  Repeat the process of using the tape to finish off the bottom of the zipper.  Once your zipper is finished in this way, sew it in normally.  I top stitched the edges when I was finished to give it an even cleaner look.
  Your zipper is the first edge to go in.  After that, make sure it’s unzipped so that after you sew up your side and bottom seams you can turn the whole thing right side out again!
  Questions?  You know the deal.  Leave me a comment or send me an email!

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