An Absolutely Necessary Bag (or Not)

  I’m fairly certain that this pallet just screamsI’m here to have a baby boy!“, don’t you?

  No?  Okay, well how about “I’m about to be outnumbered, 3 to 1 by boys!”?
  I may, in fact, have gone a little more ballerina than I usually would have in reaction to the impeding maleness in my house.  Ah well.
  As I mentioned in last week’s post, I got a little ridiculous with this project.  I started with the basic idea of the fold over clutches that have been all over Pinterest the last few months and worked from there.
  I used a pulled apart wool skirt I had gotten from the Salvation Army for the fabric of the big bag, so I was a little limited in how large I could make it.  I had used part of the fabric, way back when, before I started this blog, to make one of these hats for G when he was 8 months old.  The pink lining was something a friend had given to me and might be vintage.  I have way too much fabric.  I can’t keep track of what’s what anymore.
  The bag would have been simple if I hadn’t gotten kind of crazy with the lining.  It’s essentially the same bag as the makeup bags, but with a handle sewn into the side seam.  That lining though…  I decided I didn’t want any of the “wrong sides” to show inside the bag and that I wanted a pocket sewn into the lining, so the order of operations for putting it together got a little complicated.
  I didn’t want a sewn outline of the internal pocket in the lining, so first the zipper had to go into the lining, then one half of the pocket lining and the other half separately so I didn’t sew shut the zipper (there are no “ugly” edges on the inside of the lining pocket either).  Once those were both attached around the zipper I had to connect them to each other.  Then the lining had to be sewn around the main zipper of the bag before the bag sides themselves could be sewn up.  Then the external bag sides (including the handle), followed by the lining sides turned inside out, and finally, the bottom of the lining, finishing off the small hole I used to turn the whole thing right side out through by hand.
  The spacial relations portion of my brain definitely got a work out with this project.
  The other cosmetics bag is the same as the first, just a different set of fabrics.  My contact solution, glasses and toothbrush are now happily snuggled away in their own pouch, separate from my mascara and chapstick.
  So now I have a brand new set of bags and I’m all packed for the hospital.  Time for me to find another overly complicated, time consuming project to keep my nesting instincts in check!

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