Spinach, Feta and Mushroom Frittata

  Gotta say, I am not hating consciously eating low carb.  We already did it for the most part, but now that I’m going out and specifically looking for lower carb recipes?  Wow do I love a lot of them.  And hey, you can’t beat a good frittata.
  Here’s what we’re making:
  Here’s what you need:
8 oz mushrooms, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
10 oz frozen spinach, thawed and well drained
4 eggs
1 c milk
2 oz feta cheese*
1/2 c mozzarella, shredded
*We used more like 4 oz
  Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees.  We’re gonna do this a lot quicker than the hour the original recipe talks about!
  Instead of throwing everything into a pie pan and baking it forever, we’re going to use the same basic method we use for the pizza frittata.  We’ll set the bottom by cooking on the stove top and then bake it.  This makes for a more firm crust and cuts the cook time substantially.  That means we need to be cooking in an oven safe skillet.
  Start by sauteing your mushrooms and garlic.  You want your mushrooms to start releasing their juices and then let them evaporate (5-7 minutes).  Mix in all the rest of the ingredients and cook on the stove top until the edges start to firm up (around 3 minutes).
  By now your oven should be preheated.  Bake the whole shebang for around 20 minutes (long enough for everything to firm up) and serve warm!
  Another favorite!  G went bonkers for this, including throwing a mini tantrum the next day when he thought I was suggesting that I’d be having some of the leftovers for lunch and he wouldn’t.  This is the first time I’ve put feta in a frittata and I’m glad I did.  The combination is just wonderful.  It’s vegetarian, low carb and everybody loves it.  Good enough to get in steady rotation for me!

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